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Live Webinar Recording – March, 2024

Have you considered matrimonial mediation’s benefits, such as fostering amicable communication, preserving relationships, and reducing the financial burden? What about potential drawbacks? Whether you’re a legal professional, a divorcing individual, or simply curious about mediation, this webinar promises valuable insights to empower informed decisions during challenging times.

Join Katherine Miller to explore the advantages and disadvantages of understanding-based divorce mediation.

We ended 2023 with an engaging, interactive discussion exploring the road ahead in the new year. Watch the recording here.

Understanding-Based Fundamentals

Why Bringing People in Conflict Together Works

Developing and Framing Interests


The 6 Underlying Concepts 

Going Down the Why Trail

Inner Work

Inside Out: Self Reflection For Conflict Professionals

Inside Out: The Relationship between Inner and Outer

Being Yourself in the Room

Nine Practices to Change Your Awareness and Presence

Internal Experience: Understanding Ourselves to Authentically Connect Clients to Each Other

In the Mediation Room

Preparing Parties for Mediation

Structuring the Process

Brainstorming and Evaluating Options

Judgments and Curiosity

Working in the Same Room and Dealing with a Request for Caucus

Mediator Advice: Is It Ever Appropriate?

Conflict Resolution Professionals: What to Do When You Are Stuck

Risky Moves: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Dealing with External Forces

Parties Understanding Each Other

I Knew What Would Happen

How Can Contracting Take a Whole Session?

Interest-Based Negotiation: Exploring Interests to Identify Opportunities for Compromise

Why We Don’t Tell People What to Do

Shifting Focus: All About Interests

People and Personality

4 Things To Do When Emotions Flare


Culture and Conflict Engagement

Gender and Conflict

Conflict Styles and Patterns

Real Talk

Being an Anti-racist Conflict Professional

Conflict through Race and Culture Lenses

Trauma and Conflict

The Bully

Intimate Partner Violence and Consensual Dispute Resolution

Disability Inclusion and Accessibility in Conflict Resolution

Interfering Influencers—What to Do About Them?

Climate of Conflict: Common Ground to Constructive Conversation in an Increasingly Divided World

Starting at Sorry: Apology to Accountability on the Path of Forgiveness

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Neutrality and Objectivity

Power: Understanding or Coercion?

Power Imbalance: The Power of Personality and Patterns

Power Imbalance: The Power of Possessing

Power Imbalance: The Power of Position

Power Imbalance: Putting it all Together

Positive Neutrality

The End Game – How to Move to An Agreement

Endgame: Questions & Issues

The Storm Out: What to Do When It Happens

Working with Ground Rules

6 Underlying Concepts: Refining the Process

Legal Consideration

3 Mistakes Lawyers Make that Keep Them (and Their Clients) Stuck in Conflict

Why Bring in the Law and How to Do It

When Lawyers Are In The Room

When Lawyers Are in the Room 2

In the Workplace

Taking the Plunge: How to Bring the Understanding Based Model Into Your Work

Finding Value in Conflict: Navigating Workplace Mediation

Conflict Resolution Through Workplace Mediation

Organizational Response: Avoid Exacerbating Conflict

Conflict Coaching: Practices and Principles

Practical Tools

The Business Side of Mediation

Top Tips for Starting an ADR Practice

Moving Mediation Online

Virtual Mediation Revisited

Spirit of Collaboration: Starting and Managing a Peer Group

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