About our Model

In the Understanding-Based approach, the conflict professional seeks to work directly with the parties to support them on their path to conflict resolution. While fostering an environment of mutual respect, we strive to help both parties make informed decisions in unison.

Our model is based not on the belief that the parties lack the desire or the ability to go through conflict together but that perception frequently poses the most significant obstacle. We believe that when properly motivated and given the needed support, the capacity of those in conflict to work together through their situation of conflict can flourish.

We developed the Understanding-Based Model to support people working through their conflict together. While developing this approach, we felt we weren’t inventing something new but rather uncovering what was innately there.

Six Underlying Concepts

At the heart of the Understanding-Based Model is our commitment to the following concepts:

The Loop of Understanding

Listening to understand, looping, is a four-step process that mediators and parties can use to bring understanding to challenging conversations.

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