Bring the human issues to the table.

It’s never just about the money, or the issues on the agenda.

Conflict is filled with difficult—even volatile—emotion, which often goes unacknowledged in the legal system and other professional or work settings.

In our conflict resolution and mediation trainings, we invite lawyers, mediators, psychotherapists, other professionals, and community members to work with conflict in a different way.  In addition to basic conflict resolution skills, students learn to see and acknowledge the emotions in themselves and their clients.  As a result, they can achieve a deeper understanding of the issues and find solutions that will genuinely satisfy the parties.

Discussion betwen teacher and students at mediation training

We believe that there is no such thing as “neutrality” in the conflict professional. We like and dislike clients. We are annoyed by them. And we feel the effects of being targets of their discomfort, hostility and grief. We teach those who work with conflict to turn these emotions they’ve often avoided into a source of empathy, connection and understanding.  They can then guide the parties through the same process and help them identify and resolve the deepest issues that separate them. These are rarely the issues they initially bring to mediation.

Mediation training at Ralston White Center

The understanding based process we teach in our conflict resolution and mediation trainings allows the parties to successfully find their own best solutions. It also relieves some of the greatest stresses conflict professionals face. We show them how to bring their full humanity into a conflict, and to emerge whole, having best served their clients.

The Center for Understanding in Conflict is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation.

Our Vision:

People in conflict engage in authentic conversations that build understanding between them.

Our Mission:

Train professionals and community members in the skills and self-awareness needed to bring understanding to conflict-driven conversations.
Real talk team discusses mediaiton trainngs

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