At the heart of the Understanding-Based Model is the belief that those in conflict hold the keys to unlocking resolution. Woven into our training is transforming our emotions and opinions into sources of empathy, connection, and understanding.

Our Programs

If you’re looking for the fundamentals of mediation, our flagship 40-hour mediation intensive training provides an experiential learning experience centered on bringing understanding to challenging converstaions.

Whether you’re looking for specialized topics to build on your mediation skills, wanting support from fellow practitioners, or seeking to start or expand your mediation practice, our advanced programs will help you grow your skill.

Inside Out: Self Reflection for Conflict Professionals is for conflict professionals who want to learn how to use self reflection to help their clients. Understanding of our own emotions, experiences, and biases can open us to empathy.

Developed after years of difficult conversations about race, our Real Talk program creates safe and effective spaces to dialogue about race and build relationships.

Our monthly webinar series provides practical insights and advice for conflict resolution professionals looking to continue developing their skills in bringing parties in conflict together.

Our yearly membership program is for people who want continuing support in the Understanding-Based Model and their conflict resolution work. Membership includes monthly webinars, discounts, and more!

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