The Basics on Technology and Adapting Our Process

Out of necessity, many of us have moved our conflict engagement work online at lightning speed without the thoughtful preparation at a measured pace we might have preferred. From digital group interactions to virtual platforms to matters of confidentiality, moving mediation online presents an innovative challenge for the conflict resolution community.

We need to learn how to use Zoom and to adapt our in-person process to online sessions. With social distancing changing the setting for mediation, there is an abundant set of new scenarios to consider in the contracting process.

How do we host a digital meditation on a platform such as Zoom? What do we do when somebody closes their computer and disconnects from the mediation? What additional considerations do we need to make in terms of confidentiality and privacy?

In this two-hour workshop on the basics, we cover the following:

  • Getting started using Zoom
  • Zoom settings, tips and tricks
  • Getting your clients and other participants up to speed on the technology
  • Adaptations to the process
    • Contracting for online meetings
    • Connecting to people on a screen
    • Confidentiality
  • Preparing and taking care of yourself when working online
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality online
  • Other useful online tools

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