Self-Reflection for Conflict Professionals Intensive (SCPI) 2024


CUC invites you to join our first online introductory cohort of SCPI, where conflict resolution professionals commit to exploring together practices of self-reflection that are constructive for ourselves and productive […]

Conflict Coaching: Unlocking Solutions Through ADR


Conflicts are a common occurrence in any workplace or personal environment. Addressing them is crucial for maintaining positive relationships and nurturing a healthy organizational culture. The Conflict Coaching method equips […]


The Power of Looping in Conflict Resolution

In understanding-based conflict resolution and mediation, "looping" is a crucial communication technique. By actively demonstrating comprehension, participants bring clarity and understanding into the conversation. Often, people need to feel understood […]

The Driving Force: Unpacking Motivations


A fundamental premise of effective understanding-based mediation is the necessity of motivation. Since mediation is a voluntary process, its success hinges on the willingness and drive of both parties to […]

Join Us for the Free Virtual CUC Meet and Greet!


Are you interested in conflict resolution, mediation, or understanding different perspectives? We invite you to join the Center for Understanding in Conflict (CUC) Meet and Greet, a unique opportunity to […]

Mediation Refresher 2024


Did you complete our 40-hour basic training in the past and now would like to again?  But perhaps signing up for another 40-hour training doesn’t fit into your life?  Our […]

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