Webinar: Internal Experience: Understanding Ourselves to Authentically Connect Clients to Each Other



Using our inner experience in the presence of conflict and unblocking ourselves from parties can open channels of communication that help parties understand their problem at a deeper level. Recognizing internal reactions that can get in the way of connecting to a client and working with that reaction to open our connection to the client can also open the way for the parties to communicate better.

Reactions to clients and their situations are essential to our relative effectiveness with them. Stories that clients bring into the room, filled with pain, frustration, anger, hope, and desire, can cause unconscious reactions that remind mediators of their own life. These reactions favor one side over another, create judgments, and lead to positive or negative bias.

Join Gary Friedman and Hansa Patel on December 15th to learn the importance of the inner work required to be open and aware of our internal reactions and steps for using these insights to bring clients closer together in their efforts to resolve conflict.