Webinar: Dealing with External Forces



Back-seat Drivers, Tribe, Adversarial Consulting Attorneys, and More

In the Understanding-based model, the parties in conflict ultimately know which solution will work best, with the mediator playing a supportive role. Too often, however, external forces, such as family members full of opinions of what should be done, adversarial consulting attorneys who are lacking the necessary holistic context of the conflict, and other external forces can create upheaval along the pathway to resolution. In this webinar, we examine how mediators can deal with these forces to help ensure that the conflicted parties can resolve their dispute together.


In this webinar, you will:

  • Discover how to appropriately use outside resources to help resolve conflict
  • Gain insight how to help your clients understand and be wary of outside forces that might have a negative impact
  • Be better equipped to support parties who want to resist pressure from external forces
  • Learn how to coach parties to work with the external forces in a positive, rather than negative, way