Starting at Sorry: Apology to Accountability on the Path of Forgiveness



Forgiveness can be a powerful force for restoring harmony and wholeness. A harmed person can find their freedom in practicing forgiveness. It can also empower them to move toward an amicable solution and allow the rebuilding of a fractured relationship.

An apology is a fragile beginning without accountability or a plan that acknowledges a release from guilt and responsibility for new or altered behavior that commits to better outcomes. However, many of us have a powerful instinct that a process that does not support accountability can be problematic, unhelpful, or worse. As conflict professionals, how can we create a process that supports taking responsibility and creating space for forgiveness?

Join Catherine Conner and Armine Baltazar to discuss how to define apologies, forgiveness, and accountability while exploring how they intersect, and how a conflict professional can build awareness, contract about the process, manage risks, and have conversations about harm, apologies, accountability, and forgiveness.