You need others every single day

You need others every single day, every single moment of your life.  It’s thanks to others and their presence and effort that you have the things you need to continue, and that you have friendship and love and meaning in your life.  Without others you have nothing.…

Where does the person we take ourselves to be come from in the first place?  Apart from our parents’ genes and their support and care, and society and all it produces for us, there’s the whole network of conditions and circumstances that intimately makes us what we are.  How about our thought and feeling?  Where does it come from?  Without words to think in we don’t think, we don’t have anything like a sense of self, as we understand it, and we don’t have the emotions and feelings that are shaped and defined by our words.  Did we invent this language that constitutes ourselves?  No, it is the product of untold numbers of speakers over untold numbers of generations.  Without the myriad circumstances that provided us the opportunities for education, for speech, for knowledge, for work, we wouldn’t be here as we are.  And without all the people in our lives whom we know and who know us and love us and create complications for us and infuriate us, we would have nothing to think about, we would be very bored.  More than bored: without others our consciousness would be shattered by loneliness.

So it is literally the case that there could not be what we call a person without other people.  We can say “person” as if there could be such an autonomous thing, but in fact there is no such thing.  There is no such thing as a person.  There are only persons who have co-created one another over the long history of our species.  The idea of an independent, isolated, atomized person is impossible. And here we are not only speaking of our needing others practically.  We are talking about our inmost sense of identity.  Our consciousness of ourselves is never independent of others.

by Norman Fischer

Norman Fischer