Gary Friedman, Catherine Conner, and Marissa Wertheimer will be offering a Support and Development Group in Southern Marin starting on October 9th, 2012. There will be two trainers at each meeting (Marissa will be at all of the meetings and Gary and Catherine will alternate months). The group will be for a limited number of participants and will meet the second Tuesday of the month. The group will consist of people who have completed the Center’s basic mediation training and who are working to integrate this perspective into their ongoing professional practices.

Learning will take place through case presentation, facilitated discussion, and supervised role play. Participants will present one of their cases so that the group can examine not only what is of significance for that participant and for that case, but also the issues and challenges that are raised for others in the group.

Session Dates are as follows:
Oct. 9
Nov. 13
Dec. 11
Jan. 8
Feb. 12
Mar. 12

How to Register/Who to contact:
Use the registration form to the right to register. Otherwise, you can contact Gary Friedman directly or download the flyer here.