Webinar: Being Yourself in the Room



In this webinar we discuss why being yourself and being comfortable with that is so powerful. We also discuss some common misconceptions, misgivings and mistakes that come up for mediators on a regular basis and take your questions about when and how to be yourself in the mediator’s chair.

Mediation can be challenging and it can often feel for the mediator that they must be some kind of superhero or are expected to take on the persona of Yoda or well known other wise one. It turns out that just being yourself can be the most powerful tool of all. When the mediator is centered in themselves and coming from that place of authenticity, it is helpful to the parties who are then free to be themselves as well. Outcomes for attending this webinar

  1. Sensitizing yourself to appropriate mediator behavior
  2. Guidance for what to do when you don’t know what to do
  3. Busting the myth of professional persona