Our most recent Self-reflection for Professionals Intensive Event was incredibly successful. Held at Mar de Jade, Mexico, there were sixteen participants from East Coast, West Coast, Germany and Italy. A deep sense of community was established among the group. Here are a few of their comments.

“I thought that it exceeded the boundaries of a work related educational experience and was life altering.”

“It was wonderful. I learned a great deal.  I experienced a lot. I can’t put into words just how terrific it was.  It has already positively impacted my and life and I’ve only been home 18 hours.”

“The Understanding-Based approach offers something larger than simply improving our skills as mediator technicians (always a good thing). For some this may resonate with the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ we recall from a time when we first began our mediating wanderings. Mediators interested in these aspects of the journey might investigate whether the Center for Understanding offers them a different paradigm with deep personal relevance. I certainly am grateful that I bumped into it.”

Here is a link to what attendee, T.W. Arnold, found useful about our Mar de Jade advanced mediation training.

And enjoy this video created by another of the participants, Lulu Wong.