Your Next Steps: Launching Your Understanding-Based ADR Work


You have taken a conflict resolution training and want to add consensual dispute resolution to your existing practice or start a new practice, what next? This three-part series will help you explore your motivations, professional goals, opportunities and challenges. This will be an interactive process with exercises and briefings on practical aspects of starting and/or […]


Power Imbalance: Putting it all Together


Power imbalances can skew the entire conflict resolution process in innumerable ways. During the Power Imbalance webinar series, we’ve looked closely at three different kinds of power imbalances: interpersonal styles, access to resources, and relationship to social and cultural privilege. This session will allow participants to join a conversation building on the insights gained from […]

2023 Town Hall: Exploring Possibilities


As we approach the end of the year, we invite you to a town hall webinar experience to collectively explore personal and professional interests, address common concerns, and ignite a passion for applying understanding-based practices. Join Catherine Conner and Gary Friedman on December 12, 2023 and be part of an interactive discussion designed to help […]