Conflict Coaching: Unlocking Solutions Through ADR



Conflicts are a common occurrence in any workplace or personal environment. Addressing them is crucial for maintaining positive relationships and nurturing a healthy organizational culture. The Conflict Coaching method equips individuals with practical tools and techniques. These are necessary to identify, manage, and resolve conflicts in a way that fosters understanding and collaboration, making you feel confident in your conflict resolution abilities.

The Conflict Coaching offers a versatile framework for facilitating productive dialogue and finding mutually beneficial solutions, empowering parties with tools, techniques supporting the individual  to addressing disputes with colleagues, clients and others. In this insightful session, we will explore how to leverage and establish a group of Conflict Counselors using the Conflict Coaching techniques and how this group can serves as an invaluable part of an internal company Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, empowering individuals to navigate and resolve intra and interpersonal conflicts effectively before they escalate.

Join Danillo Alves, Melanie Rowen, and Gary Friedman for an engaging discussion exploring how to transform how your organization approaches and resolves conflicts through Conflict Coaching.