Creative Uses of the Understanding-Based Model


Learn about the many possibilities for conflict resolution and mediation practitioners to integrate the understanding-based approach into existing practices, kick-start new careers, and assist diverse sectors of society while fostering […]

Shifting Focus: All About Interests


Help people to move beyond their fixed positions by coaching them to explore and describe what really matters — their underlying interests — in order to unlock creative and mutually […]

Self-Reflection for Conflict Professionals Intensive (SCPI) 2024


CUC invites you to join our first online introductory cohort of SCPI, where conflict resolution professionals commit to exploring together practices of self-reflection that are constructive for ourselves and productive […]

Teacher Training Program 2024 (Hybrid)


Introducing the 2024 Teacher Training Program The Center for Understanding in Conflict’s training programs have been popular for over 40 years because the Understanding-Based approach resonates with many people. Our […]

24-Hour Basic Mediation Training (East Coast)

Wainwright House 260 Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, NY 10580 260 Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, NY, United States

To register, scroll to the bottom of this page. April 25 - 27, 2024 Rye, NY _______________ Join the Center for Understanding in Conflict for a comprehensive 24-hour Basic Mediation […]

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